Chris Santos on Chopped Baskets, Boxing & Smash Burgers
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Long-time Chopped judge and chef, Chris Santos, talks about his never-ending quest for the best burger and his current favorite burger style. He talks about the real reason he started working in a kitchen at just thirteen and why he considers himself a “self-taught” chef. Chris shares his favorite parts of opening restaurants and what inspired the bright idea of a working pawn shop at his restaurant, Beauty & Essex. He talks about his passion for family-style dining and his own personal experiences that he will never forget. Chris shares his passion for boxing and what keeps him coming back to the ring, and why he decided to start his own rock music label. He reminisces on his first days on the set of Chopped, the most memorable basket ingredients he’s ever seen, and the exciting new special Chopped: Casino Royale. He finally reveals his favorite boxing movie and the last thing he had to Google.
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