Ecosystem Thinking: a Recipe Against Inaction
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Factoring people's well-being and overall impact into business choices is no longer a matter of values, but one of survival. There are several approaches to reconciling planetary health with profit. But one thing is for sure: working as a system and sharing knowledge is essential to expedite this process. On this episode of FoodTech Junkies, we dive into exactly this with FoodTech Magazine’s funder and now author Beatriz Romanos. She is a disseminator, innovation coach, mentor, and industry pioneer. We picked her brain to learn what her vision is for helping companies, startups, and organizations in the food and restaurant industry hit the 3P sweet spot. About Beatriz Romanos Combining her experience of more than fifteen years in the technology industry with her passion for the world of food, since 2014 Beatriz Romanos' work has focused on disseminating, inspiring and catalysing transformation in the food industry.  She is the founder of TechFood Magazine, a reference publication for companies, startups and investors in the sector. She also works with companies in the food industry and startups as an innovation coach and mentor. Beatriz has specialised in advanced innovation methodologies and frameworks born in Silicon Valley and purpose-driven, such as ExO and Purpose Launchpad, which she has been adapting to the food segment.  Beatriz sees food as a source of health, energy and pleasure, but also as a field full of opportunities to boost economic, social and environmental sustainability, where the emerging foodtech industry plays a decisive role. Beatriz has been recognised as one of the "50 people who are leading the future of food" by KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub's "Fooduristic'22" report. Beatriz Romanos has a degree in journalism and a postgraduate degree in Business Management and Communication from Instituto de Empresa, as well as being certified in various disciplines related to innovation, such as ExO Coach or Master Purpose Lauchpad Mentor.  More about her book: Foodtech (
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