A Startup Nation's Take On The Future Of Fermentation
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What came first, the chicken or the egg? In this conversation, we bring one of the very best minds of the Startup Nation’s protein experts, Tammy Meiron, CTO of Fresh Start, an incubator aiming to impact our food system through innovation, and Jonathan Rathauser, Chief Egg Officer and co-founder of Precision fermentation startup Eggmented Reality. We will dive into the technology and this rising trend, the need for alternative ingredients, the making of a startup, and the need for innovation to impact a sustainable food system transformation. About Dr. Tammy Meiron Tammy has over 25 years of experience in R&D, production, and technology transfer fields in the life-science, pharmaceuticals, and food industries. In her last position, she led the technology in two leading Israeli FoodTech start-ups, developing plant-based egg substitutes for all egg applications as CTO of Zero Egg; and developing sweet proteins as a non-GMO sugar substitute as the Amai Proteins Director of Food Technology. Previously, she was involved in numerous startups in the fields of R&D, IP, tech transfer, production Scale-UP, operations, joint ventures with multinational companies, and more. About Jonathan Rathauser An entrepreneurial leader at the intersection of business, technology, and behavior change. Creative, data-driven, and goal-oriented. A strategic thinker with demonstrated ability to plan, prioritize and execute amongst competing, dynamic responsibilities. Biased towards action with a track record of bringing clarity to uncertainty, aligning incentives, and rolling up the sleeves – doing whatever it takes – to ensure success. About Fresh Start Fresh-Start is part of the IIA (Israeli Innovation Authority) incubator’s program, leveraging government funds to support and invest in early-stage startups. It is also a part of a larger vision to create an AgriFoodTech cluster, “the foodtech valley,” in the North of Israel, promoting the local economy through internationally oriented ventures. Fresh Start intended to grow dozens of impactful food tech companies from vision to scale over eight years of franchise and serve as a vehicle for all its strategic and financial partners to initiate and develop FoodTech Innovation. With the best of the nation's industry players; Tnuva (the biggest Israeli food company) and Tempo (one of the biggest Israeli beverages companies), and the best of global VCs; OurCrowd (a leading equity crowdfunding platform) and Finistere Ventures (a global AgriFood Venture Capital fund), Fresh-Start is looking to impact the future of food, beverage, and nutrition by introducing breakthrough technologies that comply with the emerging needs of the FoodTech world.
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