Here is a few of my favorite music songs. Share yours with me in the comments or add it on the FMBM Instagram page.  To listen to some of my favorites, here are the links.  For some more of Larry Ohry, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S2hNYaXEAg  If you wanna here JED slap, listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Spf7zsPQCOA And if you're ready for some J4YR, here he is: https://withkoji.com/@J4YR
Published 05/23/22
And now for one of my personal favorite ancestors...
Published 05/22/22
More on our favorite Micronesian ancestors!
Published 05/21/22
A little dive into our favorite ancestors! If you would like to learn more about Dr. JoJo Peter's Memorial Scholarship, please visit:  https://www.ajojoscholars.org/ 
Published 05/20/22
I am reading from Sylvia Elias today. This is one of my favorite essays of all time. 
Published 05/19/22
Today I read Micronesian Question by Emelihter Kihleng. Please go buy her book My Urohs online!
Published 05/18/22
Today I will read a poem by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. It is from her book Iep Jaltok. It is the only poem I will read from her as I would like to encourage listeners to read her book!
Published 05/17/22
Listen in for more on Faraulap Atoll and customs!
Published 05/16/22
Listen to more on foods and such in the culture!
Published 05/15/22
Just wanted to keep you all in the loop!
Published 05/14/22
Today is about children and birth in Pingelap. Listen in!
Published 05/13/22
Today is a day where we talk more about marriages. This time in Ulithi. 
Published 05/12/22
Thanks for joining for another episode for the month of May, Asian American Pacific Islander Month. Or as I am calling it: Micronesian Month! Today, the topic is farming in the Marshall Islands. Keep your ears open to learn more!
Published 05/11/22
I read about Mokilese land today. Listen in to learn more!
Published 05/10/22
Today we talk royalt in Micronesia! 
Published 05/09/22
Loving the exploration of this book! The book is Some Things of Value: Micronesia Customs as Seen by Micronesians. It is written by students and former students of the Community College of Micronesia in Saipan, NMI in 1975. 
Published 05/08/22
I am part Ngatukese and had to do a little something-something on it!
Published 05/07/22
Let's talk about past and present religion in Pingelap!
Published 05/06/22
Today's episodes goes over arranged marriages on Satawal. I give a bit of my own two cents and make a call for discussion. Listen in!
Published 05/05/22
This episode has a snippet of info on Yapese culture! Listen in!
Published 05/04/22
On today's episode, we discuss Kiribati- the island that is being swallowed by the ocean! Listen in!
Published 05/03/22
Let me tell ya about the GAO Report. Listen in!
Published 05/02/22
Welcome back all! Today is the beginning of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and I am here to start this season like I did the first season-- daily episodes for the entire month! This one will be a bit different, however. Enjoy. 
Published 05/01/22
To hear more about Delma and Delvin's personal story, you can listen to it 23 minutes into the newest episode of Self Evident. The episode is title Heartbeats. Listen to that here: Self Evident Podcast You can donate to get Delvin a new wheelchair here: Delma & Delvin Need a Wheelchair GoFundMe Thanks again, listeners!
Published 02/07/22