The Legend of Childbirth on Palau
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Loving the exploration of this book! The book is Some Things of Value: Micronesia Customs as Seen by Micronesians. It is written by students and former students of the Community College of Micronesia in Saipan, NMI in 1975. 
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Keep being excellent, Micronesians!
Published 05/31/22
I'm giving you 10 dynamic Micronesian-Owned Businesses today that you can go and support if you see fit! Businesses highlighted today were:  1. Helgen’s Hogs 2. Kaselel Counseling & Consultation 3. The PwiPwi Box 4. Sweet Stuff PDX 5. One Micronesia Podcast 6. Deep Pacific Podcast 7....
Published 05/30/22