I am part Ngatukese and had to do a little something-something on it!
Published 05/07/22
Let's talk about past and present religion in Pingelap!
Published 05/06/22
Today's episodes goes over arranged marriages on Satawal. I give a bit of my own two cents and make a call for discussion. Listen in!
Published 05/05/22
This episode has a snippet of info on Yapese culture! Listen in!
Published 05/04/22
On today's episode, we discuss Kiribati- the island that is being swallowed by the ocean! Listen in!
Published 05/03/22
Let me tell ya about the GAO Report. Listen in!
Published 05/02/22
Welcome back all! Today is the beginning of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and I am here to start this season like I did the first season-- daily episodes for the entire month! This one will be a bit different, however. Enjoy. 
Published 05/01/22
To hear more about Delma and Delvin's personal story, you can listen to it 23 minutes into the newest episode of Self Evident. The episode is title Heartbeats. Listen to that here: Self Evident Podcast You can donate to get Delvin a new wheelchair here: Delma & Delvin Need a Wheelchair GoFundMe Thanks again, listeners!
Published 02/07/22
Today, I have guest, Diliaur and we talk about fat-phobia and how it impacts Micronesians due to colonized thinking. Listen in for more! Once you listen feel free to follow Diliaur on Twitter: @diliaur Also, feel free to follow her recommended link on Twitter: @yrfatfriend She also recommended episodes of Maintenance Phase that can be heard here:  http://maintenancephase.com/  Episodes recommended were the episodes titled: - The Obesity Epidemic & - The Body Mass Index As I...
Published 10/11/21
This week is an episode to discuss remembrance. Remembering all the missing persons and respecting them, but making it a point to mention those often forgotten!
Published 10/04/21
This episode is short and sweet, but Manit Day should be honored and recognized because at the end of the day it makes a beautiful contribution to preserving our culture. Listen in!
Published 09/27/21
I've never done Micronesian news. I just read some details out loud from the most recent stories that popped up on a web search. Enjoy!
Published 09/20/21
Many listeners have requested for my brother to return and to also have my dad on. In light of them visiting, I've brought the episode your way! Enjoy. 
Published 09/13/21
I wanted to put out an episode on anti-Micronesian hate. I say it in the pod and will again, I did NOT do the subject justice. I do not know that there is a right way to unload all that is hateful towards our people. Either way, I felt compelled to at least address it and start the discussion. 
Published 09/06/21
Portia Jackson is a professional who has wore many hats in the housing sector. Portia identifies as a black woman and also identifies as a Person of the Global Majority. Portia lives in Minneapolis and shares her expertise, tips, and other offerings to the Micronesian people in hopes to encourage our community to buy houses! To watch the documentary on redlining that Portia shared, you can watch that at: Jim Crow of the North - Full-Length Documentary - YouTube To watch the NPR Code Switch...
Published 08/30/21
This episode, I talked with Jasmine who is a Micronesian inspiration. She shared with listeners her journey of freelance writing and creating The Husk! Listen in!
Published 08/23/21
Today, I talk in a second installment update on the Pacific Islands Forum and their current relationship and status with our Micronesian nations. Listen in!
Published 08/16/21
Today, I talk about our Micronesian nations and their solidarity with the choice to resign from the Pacific Islands Forum. Listen in for details. 
Published 08/09/21
Today, Angela talked with two dynamic Marshallese women who work for Shared Beginnings, an adoption agency based in Northwest Arkansas. Jadieann McAvoy works with Marshallese birth mothers who are in need of interpreters and assists to walk women through the adoption process ethically. Martha Holland works remotely for the organization to provide services for expecting families. Martha, herself, is an adoptee. Both women provide a wealth of life experience and professional experience that...
Published 08/02/21
Today, I discuss the newly introduced CIFA Bill. There is a recap on Medicaid restoration, short talk on food insecurity and what next steps are. Listen in!
Published 07/26/21
Today, Noah Humphrey reaches out to the Micronesian community to extend a hand for ally-ship. Noah is a 2nd year Master of Divinity student at Yale Divinity School and is an indigenous researcher who works with energy healing, spiritual arts, holistic care, and health. Noah is a diasporic African American and Cherokee man with intent to build more awareness and bring greater understanding towards being an ally .for the Micronesian community. 
Published 07/19/21
I am choosing to support these efforts in support of land, climate change, treaties, indigenous rights and integrity. I hope listeners choose too, also. Reach out for more info. 
Published 07/12/21
Who is Dr. Emelihter Kihleng? On today's episode, you'll learn just that. Many already know who she is if they're in the Micronesian community, but it is still exciting to hear words of wisdom straight from Dr. Kihleng, herself. Enjoy!
Published 07/05/21
Joe Enlet, Consul General of the Federated States of Micronesia sits and talks with your host, Angela Edward about his journey. From pioneering with CANN (COFA Alliance National Network) to discussing his personal testimony. Joe gives advice to our youth while continuing to champion the power that the Micronesian people have! Listen in!
Published 06/28/21
On this episode, I talk books, books, books, & literacy with Mara Mahoney. Mara is a Micronesian/Fijan daughter who pioneers an Instagram page that not only fosters reading for Micronesians, Melanesians, & Polynesians, but also empowers with her content. Mara can be found on her IG page at @thisislanderreads -- listen in to hear more!
Published 06/21/21