For the Hobby Episode 1 • The Foundation - Josh + Chris
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On Episode 1 of the For the Hobby Podcast I share a thoughtful conversation with Josh Johnson of Cardboard Chronicles and Chris McGill of The House of Jordans Podcast. We talk about the health of the hobby, our favorite things in the hobby, our personal collections, Kobe's impact on the world, and more. This is the foundational episode of the For the Hobby Podcast and I'm grateful for Josh (@cardboard_chronicles) and Chris (@chris_hoj) for taking the time to be the first guests. To all of those who have supported me along the way, those of you who will listen, follow along, and contribute....THANK YOU! I've created "For the Hobby" out of my love of collecting cards and am excited to share some great stories and to connect with like-minded people while being a positive voice in and around the hobby. Feel free to email to connect: [email protected]   Timestamps: 0:38 - What is "For the Hobby"? | 0:59 - Welcome + Introductions | 3:59 - Health of the Hobby | 12:23 - Our Favorite Things in the Hobby | 22:50 - Our Personal Collections | 35:38 - New School Card Landscape Breakdown | 39:28 - Being Competitive in the Hobby | 41:50 - The Crafty Hobby Approach | 45:14 - Kobe Bryant’s Impact | 55:40 - What Josh and Chris Have Learned and Enjoyed the Most as Creators | 59:59 - Final Thoughts
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Published 07/27/21
Timestamps: 0:03 – Intro 0:53 – Origin Stories 3:38 – Together 4:40 – Atlantic City to Fleer 8:24 – The Fleer Work 23:23 – Gold Medallion Michael Jordan 24:47 – Pushing the Envelope (Innovation) 34:48 – Bringing Concepts to Life 39:30 – "Working was Happiness" 41:30 – BIG NEWS! 43:36 – The Best...
Published 05/14/21