Cache Valley Virus: One Breeder's Experience
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Until recently, most goat breeders had never heard of Cache Valley Virus. I heard about it two years ago when an animal scientist told me that they were having a horrible time with it in their research flock. Today's guest had never heard about Cache Valley Virus until a few months ago when she started seeing a lot of very weird things happening in her goat herd — a doe freshening with no milk, kids born with birth defects, kids dying within the first couple of weeks after birth, a tiny 2-pound LaMancha kid, an amorphus globosus, and more. Cache Valley Virus is spread by carrier mosquitoes that bite a doe or ewe in the second month of pregnancy. In this episode we are talking to Briana Desfosses of Fox Pride Dairy Goats in New Hampshire about her experience when Cache Valley Fever struck her herd this past kidding season. See full show notes here >> To see the most recent episodes, visit Want to support the content you love? Head over to --
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