Rabies in Goats
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Although rabies in goats is not common, it is possible. In today's episode we are talking to Dr. Kevin Pelzer, a Professor of Large Animal Clinical Science, Production Management Medicine at the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech. We are talking about how goats can get rabies, as well as the symptoms, diagnosis, and vaccination options. Rabies in goats looks considerably different than the stereotypical rabid dog, and luckily humans are much less likely to get rabies from their goat on the rare occasion when a goat does get infected. Goats are also unlikely to give rabies to each other. Although there is not a rabies vaccine labeled for goats, we discuss the best option that is available, and why you should avoid the dog rabies vaccine. To see the most recent episodes, visit  ForTheLoveOfGoats.com See full show notes here >> https://thriftyhomesteader.com/rabies-in-goats/ Want to support the content you love? Head over to -- https://thrifty-homesteader.ck.page/products/love-goats-tip-jar Thanks for listening! No one ever said raising goats was easy, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune or drive you crazy! You just need the right information. Click here to learn more about our Goats 365 membership. Or see my other goat courses in Thrifty Homesteader Academy.
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