We talk a bit about the Admech FAQ we received at the end of last week but mostly we have a healthy discussion about ‘what is core’ and why it … Read More
Published 08/01/21
There is new stuff GALORE coming down from GW and we talk about it in the first half of the show.  The last half, towards the end, we talk about … Read More
Published 07/25/21
The Book of Fire breaths a little life into an under utilized Sisters Faction and also  gives us a chance to revisit some of the Chaos factions and relics.  We … Read More
Published 07/18/21
We ask the question everyone is wanting to know.  How do you beat Ad Mech?  This new army has hit the scene in a big way and are proving to … Read More
Published 07/11/21
This episode gets deep.  We diagnose what a ‘gotcha moment’ is and what it is not by relating it to real world examples and the spirit of a cooperative game.  … Read More
Published 07/03/21
It looks like we may see a shift in this edition that allows for larger units of base troops.   We discuss the virtues or min squads vs max squads and … Read More
Published 06/27/21
Events around the world are beginning to use the most recently updated FAQs and allow the new codexes.  We ask the question ‘when’ should this happen?  Should there be a … Read More
Published 06/19/21
We keep going with the Adepta Sororitas codex. We continue to discover the way the Codex plays is a little different than it was before, unit that used to outclass … Read More
Published 06/13/21
Take your first looks at the new Adepta Sororitas codex with us.  The Sisters have been a dominant force on the tabletop for a while now and we can expect … Read More
Published 06/05/21
We’ve seen some Codexes come out of the gates guns blazing but this one may be the best yet.  There is an incredible amount of layers to this codex where … Read More
Published 05/29/21
Short show this week.  Sorry in advance.  Even though we were pressed for time we tell you pretty much how every army in the game can take a chunk out … Read More
Published 05/22/21
We kick the show off talking about the Orks and what they may mean for the range.  It’s neat to see the more ‘savage’ side of the range.  We discuss … Read More
Published 05/15/21
We’ve seen a load of reveals this week.  It’s staggering to see everything that’s coming out this year.  We’ll cover all of it!  In this episode we basically oogle over … Read More
Published 05/08/21
Who can’t love a 75% win percentage?  Honestly, the Drukhari are benefiting from being the new codex on the block and do have some great rules.  A handful of folks … Read More
Published 05/01/21
We talk a little bit about tournament prep in this episodes and it leads us to a discussion on the potential need for active judging.  Of course we are a … Read More
Published 04/25/21
We talk a little bit about tournament prep in this episodes and it leads us to a discussion on the potential need for active judging.  Of course we are a … Read More
Published 04/25/21
With the current Keyword can Vehicles receive a benefit of a cover enhanced save? We answer this question and many more on this show. Unless you have a rule book … Read More
Published 04/17/21
We have fun with this episode and talk very generally about the state of 40k in this edition.  We can’t wait until it’s safer to get out to events again … Read More
Published 04/10/21
I guess I shouldn’t answer the question to the catchy title in the title but hey… maybe I saved you a click.  If you play the factions represented in the … Read More
Published 04/03/21
We dive deeper into Codex Drukhar this week exploring many of the changes and new things possible from the new codex.  There is a lot that’s different.  Squad sizer requirements … Read More
Published 03/28/21
The hottest of hot takes on this episode right here…  We waited to record until directly after the Games Workshop preview on Saturday.  I’m g lad we did, we saw … Read More
Published 03/21/21
Be’lakor is back in a big way.  I promise that’s not a pun.  This model is the latest from the Daemon line to get a massive makeover.  This begs the … Read More
Published 03/14/21
We kick off the show talking about Heavy Intercessors and their impact on the game.  Like many of the Marine units they are a big deal for certain Chapters.  We … Read More
Published 03/06/21
Exciting news from Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop this week with the announcement of Warhammer 40k IP is coming to the Magic the Gathering format.  Wow.  I guess … Read More
Published 02/27/21
Dan Abnett joins us this episode for an wonderful segment on how war has influenced writing and culture since we’ve had the finer skills of capturing it. He is absolutely … Read More
Published 02/20/21