Natasha Rothwell joins us to discuss the alarming lack of black hairstylists on sets, and celebrates INSECURE's strides in lighting, makeup and hair for POC. Get your tickets to DINNER WITH A CAUSE hosted by Natasha Rothwell : September 12th 2019 in support of the Downtown Women's Center. Subscribe to the Stuff and Things Newsletter for links, services, causes, products and people talked about on our show. https://tinyletter.com/foxybrowns For information regarding your data privacy,...
Published 08/27/19
Thanks to our punishing vacation and post-wedding schedules, this week's mini-ep is more tidbits from the wedding of the century (#NoWomanNoRye). See you next week with brand new guests! For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 08/20/19
Camilla got hitched!!!!!! And Kara Brown and Pri were lucky enough to attend her four-day, wildflower-bedecked, Jamaican-Jewish, English countryside wedding, which would make Jane Austen weep! In addition to discussing why the wedding industry doesn't exactly cater to WOC, we catalog highlights (inspo?) including 600 bottles of wine, Nana's raft of Moet, a Double Decker Pizza Bus, and The Karaoke Dungeon. Check out visuals at #NoWomanNoRye For information regarding your data privacy, visit...
Published 08/13/19
Cam and Pri sit down with writer/director Minhal Baig (Hala, Bojack Horseman, Ramy) to discuss her super simple skincare routine, pursuing art in the face of familial and professional rejection, and the challenge of shooting female desire as a WOC. Also, speaking of sexy: Nasal Rinses. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 08/06/19
Writer, Bolu Babalola joins Pri and Cam to discuss growing up Nigerian-British, the differences between dating in London vs. the US, Big Sister Culture, turning our backs on our practical immigrant families to follow our dreams, why it’s not important to be likable, and making your own BB cream! We know you can’t take notes while driving, so all products, services, people, and causes are linked in our weekly newsletter, Stuff & Things. Subscribe HERE! Questions? Comments? Suggestions?...
Published 07/30/19
Powerhouse actor/musician/filmmaker Janina Gavankar joins Camilla and Pri to discuss her mostly-Indian upbringing, a complicated relationship with aesthetic upkeep, how RuPaul defined her red carpet look, her teen girl band on Cash Money Records, and sociological barriers to the American dream. We also shine a spotlight on game designer Kim Belair, Beyonce's Assistant, Skin Food, herbal uppers, gun violence, women in gaming, microcurrent facials AND SO MUCH MORE! For information regarding...
Published 07/23/19
Pri and Camilla recommend floss, body oils, John Lewis’s low low shipping, Booksmart, and Fleabag. They’re joined by comedy wunderkind Broti Gupta, who discusses growing up Indian in Kentucky, her insane monastery roommate, and why liking yourself is the most subversive act. Broti also shares her painful journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and how she manages its physical and mental health challenges.  For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 07/16/19
Pri and Camilla discuss airport beauty product discounts and their hatred of Bird scooters. Writer Jade Chang (The Wangs vs. the World) shares the wonders of growing up Chinese-American in the San Fernando Valley, working at J. Peterman, the importance of gut health, and why she cuts her own hair: because expensive salons are a scam. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 07/09/19
Pri and Camilla explore washing your face with diapers, post-partum baldness panic spirals, and what's "going on" with eyebrows. Comedy writer and style icon April Quioh joins to discuss Liberian beauty standards, the secret to her glowing skin (hint: it's being mean to men), abortion bills, Caster Semenya, and, of course, mothers. Always mothers. Also! Camilla's shocking and confusing reveal that she was... Goth? For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Published 07/01/19
Your first look at Foxy Browns! A podcast hosted by writers, Priyanka Mattoo and Camilla Blackett, that explores beauty and wellness from the perspective of women of color.
Published 06/15/19
Priyanka and Camilla share a beauty tip that's gentle enough for a baby's bottom.
Published 06/15/19
That one time when - your Halloween costume was mistaken as your cultural dress.
Published 06/15/19