BEST FPL PLAYERS FOR 2022: PREDICTIONS! - FPL Family (Fantasy Premier League 2022/2023)
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One of my favourite streams of the season, it's time to make our pre-season predictions - where you the FPLFamily community, tell us who you think will be this year's top players! We also share our latest drafts as we look to lock in those GW1 streams for Friday's deadline. If you're new to the channel - WELCOME! If you've been here before, a warm welcome back and you know what to expect - FPL analysis of all the weekend's games and a look ahead to next week's key player targets and transfers for our FPL teams.  Like, Share and Subscribe! :)  _______________________          📊 Join the FPLFamily FPL Mini-League! pzj0a0 ________________________ Join our channel to get access to perks: ________________________ 🚀 Support FPL Family on Patreon: - Manager of the Month competitions, and Prizes* - Zoom Video Chats with Lee and Sam - Slack Chat community with other FPL Managers - Exclusive Podcasts every Friday looking ahead to the next GW *Prizes sponsored by Use 'FPL10%' for 10% off all products on their website! ________________________ 😎 Want to highlight your msg in the chat and send a SUPERCHAT? Here’s how: ______________________ 📺 Subscribe to the channel! 🏃‍♂️ Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok! - Just Search 'fplfamily' 🎧 Also available as a Podcast on your favourite Podcast platforms! Search 'FPL Family' on Spotify, Apple iTunes,  Deezer. ________________________ Stats, Season Tickers and Player Ratings provided by Fantasy Football Scout Members Area. Become a member here! -‬ ________________________    More on 'Match Insights', Premier League's new Partnership with Oracle Cloud: ________________________    #FPL #FPLFamily #FantasyPremierLeague #FPLTips
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Form is temporary, class is permanent as they say - with Heung-Min Son firmly back on our FPL radars ahead of GW9. But does it say more about Leicester's defence than Spurs attack? Elsewhere, City and Haaland march on, Fulham score three but Mitrovic blanks - and Isak scores from the spot against...
Published 09/18/22
Sam and Lee look back at he weekend's action, including stalemates for both Liverpool and Man City. Sure take advantage with a win at home to Fulham and Ivan Tony owner bag a Hugh double-digit haul. We'll also look at our teams and OTs, with Sam maybe, possibly, potentially considering a...
Published 09/04/22
Published 09/04/22