FYW 225: How to define your French goals and learning plan
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Lacking a sense of direction is the surest way to ending up nowhere, feeling all over the place, overwhelmed and eventually discouraged. Find out how you can define your French learning goals and stay focused using the SMART goals tool. Links and Resources "How long does it take to learn French?" (article) "How long does it take to learn French?" (episode 182 of French Your Way Podcast) "How to stay motivated learning French?" (episode 24 of French Your Way Podcast)
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By popular demand, I have recorded a series of episodes to help you learn or recognise common French slang expressions. As you may know, the French you learn in the classroom and the French you hear in the street or in the movies can sometimes sound quite different! In this episode we’ll go...
Published 06/15/22
Listener Nancy would like to clarify when “ne” can be dropped in French. When is it possible to deliberately forget this common 2-letter word? Is there any change in the meaning? Listen to find out! Vocabulary and Spelling of the French Words mentioned in this episode Je n’aime pas quand tu...
Published 05/25/22