Aidy Bryant On 'SNL' & 'Shrill'
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'Saturday Night Live' cast member Aidy Bryant mourns the time she lost in her teens and early 20s feeling self-conscious about her weight and living in fear of judgment about her body. She recalls counting calories, trying diets and hating everything about her body. "The second I stopped being afraid of someone calling me fat, I was able to start to focus on my goals and my dreams," Bryant says. Now she stars in the Hulu series 'Shrill,' based on Lindy West's memoir about being fat and feminist. The series follows Annie, a journalist struggling with body acceptance. Bryant talks about her own journey to being fat positive and her road to 'SNL' with Terry Gross. John Powers reviews a new restoration of the 1970 film 'Wanda,' a classic of women's cinema. It was written and directed by its star, Barbara Loden.
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