Mr. Charlie Garlow is the president of the Delaware Electric Vehicle Association (DEEVA) and is a former lawyer with the EPA
Published 07/13/21
Huge thank you to Dr. Moomaw for speaking with us. Big deal to have someone of his stature talk to us about a topic he is incredibly knowledgeable. The visuals of this presentation are available on our Youtube channel
Published 03/11/21
Published 03/11/21
all of the images referred to in this talk can be found online by simply searching the name of the species mentioned. 
Published 02/26/21
Dustyn is the director of community outreach for the Delaware chapter of Sierra Club
Published 02/19/21
Huge thank you to the senator for taking the time to speak with us.  Just some background: Senator Hansen has experience working as an environmental scientest with DNREC in the 90s, and just recently retired after 20+ years working as an environmental lawyer. She was appointed the chair of the senate committee on energy and climate within the last year, already using her unique perspective to begin to accomplish some real change, recently passing senate bill 33, which was signed into law the...
Published 02/12/21
Kanmani is a representative from YES Delaware who oversees student outreach. Today she gave us a quick overview on what to expect, how to be involved and more
Published 02/11/21
A welcome message and basic breakdown of environmental legislation and vocab by some members of the group
Published 02/08/21