Friend Of Marilyn Episode 340 - 15-04-2021
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NAAFA Book Recs Shereen (Seattle, WA) - a fat Naturopathic doctor (12 min) Marie Southard Ospina - The Fat Zine @thefatzine - Bare Abby Burke - I can't stand the rain
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Sonja Griffing (@Nupie1) (Covinton, WA), a writer in Washington LONG! 11 min Feminism in India @FeminismInIndia - Vandana Likhmania @Van__Dan - 6 things your fat friend needs from you
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IHFS Launch Update Emily (Richland, WA), a fat counselor, performer, and speaker from Washington State. Mikey Mercedes @marquisele - Medium @medium - How to recenter equity and decentre thinness in the fight for food justice The Donnas - Better Off Dancing
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Fave Fat Thing in the World Right Now - Fat Life Drawing Kim, a music critic, librarian, and artist Chrystal Bougon (@blissconnection) - medium (@medium) - Tips for advocating for your fat self at the doctor's office Lizzo - Boys
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