Should You Still Be Listening to Dave Ramsey?
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We're looking at what others are saying, and our own experiences, to find the radical middle on what has been (and continues to be) a bit of a touchy subject. Rest assured, personal choice and freedom to find your own path on your financial journey is and always will be the way of the Frugal Friends. Get full show notes here! Get our FREE 7-Day No-Spend Challenge Workbook here! Join the waitlist for Club BFF: Subscribe for more on YouTube: Hang out with us on Instagram! Capitalize:
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Published 05/20/22
 “Lower your expenses, Increase your income” is a piece of advice we might have already seen in articles that talk about achieving financial goals. However, nothing ever comes easy when you are saving your first $100K and moving forward. In this episode, we break down realistic and attainable...
Published 05/20/22
Debt can feel insurmountable and even debilitating at times, especially if our debt reaches the 6-figure mark. This is exactly where Kate from ‘Living that Debt Free Life’ was at prior to tackling $105K of student loan debt, and she’s got some great insights and tips in her story to help the rest...
Published 05/13/22