Michael Bonocore - The Triple Threat of Content Creation in Travel Photography
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Welcome to episode 250 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with your host Matt Payne. This week on the podcast I was joined by a travel and landscape photographer hailing from Boise, Idaho - Michael Bonocore.  Michael and I have been acquainted on social media for a very long time and I've always enjoyed his enthusiasm, humor, and business acumen. As I expected, he was full of great information and easy to talk to, so I think you'll enjoy our chat this week quite a lot. On this week's episode we discuss: Geotagging in landscape photography, The power of networking in the photography industry, Storytelling in travel photography, The Giving Lens, PetaPixel Travel, And a lot more! Over on Patreon this week, Michael and I discuss the heavy topic of Travel Photography and the Conundrum of Carbon we all face as photographers. Here's who Michael recommended for the podcast this week: Renan Ozturk. Other items mentioned on the show: 1. Support the podcast on Patreon. 2. Supporting fellow podcast community members. I love hearing from the podcast listeners! Reach out to me via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you'd like to be on the podcast or if you have an idea of a topic we can talk about. We also have an Instagram page, a Facebook Page, and a Facebook Group - so don't be shy! Did you also know we have listener after-parties on Clubhouse? This is a great opportunity to interact with other listeners, guests, and the host (when I can) regarding your thoughts on the episode. We also have a searchable transcript of every episode! Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week. P.S. you can also support the podcast by purchasing items through our B+H affiliate link.
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