NFTs and Landscape Photography - A Panel Discussion
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Welcome to episode 227 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast! This week on the podcast I was joined by Brynn Schmidt, Alex Noriega, and Alex Nail to talk about the most controversial and divisive topics in the landscape and nature photography community at the present moment - NFTs. In today's episode, you can expect to hear four adults have a very respectful and cordial conversation and debate about NFTs which has been sorely lacking from social media as of late. You can also expect to learn quite a bit and gain some perspectives, no matter what side of the argument you find yourself, or perhaps gain a better understanding if you don't find yourself on one side at all. We discuss: What are NFTs and how do they and their marketplaces work? The various positives and negatives of NFTs, The newly formed community of NFT photographers on Twitter, The carbon and environmental impacts of NFTs and how we can openly discuss those, Why certain NFTs are selling and others are not, And a lot more! Thank you to Brynn, Alex, and Alex for joining for the vulnerable but important conversation! Please check out Brynn, Alex, and Alex's work below! Other items mentioned on the show: 1. Clubhouse Club for the Podcast. Support the show on Patreon. I love hearing from the podcast listeners! Reach out to me via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you'd like to be on the podcast or if you have an idea of a topic we can talk about. Join the discussion over on Nature Photographer's Network! We have weekly discussions about each episode of the podcast. It's also free! We also have an Instagram page and a Facebook page for updates. We also have a searchable transcript of every episode! Thanks for stopping in, collaborating with us, and listening. See you next week.
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