The crash landing of Austria’s chancellor
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Read a transcript of this episode on China has told McDonald’s to expand a digital renminbi payments system at restaurants across the country before the Beijing Winter Olympics; and about a quarter of all US infrastructure is at risk of serious flooding, which could hit prices in the $4tn municipal bond market. Plus, the FT’s Sam Jones discusses the scandal that led to the spectacular downfall of former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz and what could be next for the country.  VOTE: The FT News Briefing has been nominated for the Lovie Awards news & politics podcast category! Beijing presses McDonald's to expand e-currency system before Olympics Flooding could leave billions of US municipal debt under water Rise and fall: the scandal that toppled Austria’s Sebastian Kurz WeWork to make belated arrival on stock market after Spac merger The FT News Briefing is produced by Fiona Symon and Marc Filippino. The show’s editor is Jess Smith. Additional help by Peter Barber, Gavin Kallmann and Michael Bruning. The show’s theme song is by Metaphor Music. The FT’s global head of audio is Cheryl Brumley.    See for privacy and opt-out information.
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