Because You Say So | John Giftah | Inspirational Christian Sermon
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In this short inspirational Christian sermon, you will be challenged to move past your failures and trust GOD at His Word and try again and move towards what He's asking you to do.  You can buy my new bestselling book, UNVEIL YOUR PURPOSE (a #1 Newly Released Bestseller on Amazon) here: India: Global You can stay in touch with me through these platforms: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Website: If you're blessed by this sermon, don't forget to share it with someone, and please do rate/ review the podcast so that it will help us reach more people with the message of hope. For supporting the ministry financially:  PayPal: Link to The Inspiration Hub Podcast: Apple Podcast: Link to Weekly Tamil Christian Messages Podcast (John Giftah) : Apple Podcast: Check out the "Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah" podcast (Among the Top Christian Podcasts in India Ranking #1 / #2 on multiple podcast platforms and among the Top Podcasts in the world (2021)) :   Apple Podcasts: #JohnGiftah #JohnGiftahPodcast #Christian #Christianity #BibleStudy #Faith #Hope #InspirationalSermon #ChristianMotivation #ChristianInspiration #Motivation #Motivational #Inspirational #Bible #BibleStudy --- Send in a voice message:
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