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This week, Darian & Britt and bringing their own questions for some fast (& furious) fun & gains! Tune in to hear them chat about patience & living in the moment, happy places, careers, pet-peeves, either-or’s & more! Timestamps 00:45 Darian’s celebration 1:30 time for a break 1:45 App updates 2:45 patience 5:27 enjoy being where you are, now 6:48 pursue your dreams 7:45 britt’s current dream 8:27 darian’s current dream 11:30 Q&A time! 11:41 Which comic character or celeb does Darian resemble? 13:52 What is Britt’s favorite place on earth? 15:20 What would Britt be if she weren’t in this space? 19:30 What reality TV show would Darian be on? 22:00 Rapid fire Q’s for Darian 22:30 Rapid fire Q’s for Britt 28:10 reviews of the week YouTube vids My gym routine & tips for beginners: My fitness journey: Week of workouts: Follow the podcast @funandgains.podcast Follow Britt insta // @_brittanylupton youtube // Brittany Lupton tiktok // brittanylupton Contact Us [email protected] Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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