New Nightmare
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Who's ready to have a New Nightmare, kids? One that's a lot more meta and has confusing subplots about Earthquakes and Robert Englund's paintings? I guarantee ya won't end up cut into a million little pieces... Just so long as you never sleep again... 1, 2... Fun Fiction's coming for you! Support us on Patreon and get EARLY ACCESS to the show: Get dat Merch:
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There ain't no rule in the rulebook that says we can't run this joke into the ground on this week's episode of Fun Fiction! Listen as Megan and Scottye discuss one of the most insane films of all-time in Air Bud! (With a bonus review of Russell Madness) After that, Megan decides the series needs...
Published 11/25/21
It finally happened. The one who's music lets you know that its podcast time has finally arrived. Listen as Megan, Scottye and Best Day (AKA Marinara_Infermo, The Strong Jawed Daddy, The Monster of Madness, Meg's Brother) talk about the 80s John Carpenter classic, Big Trouble in Little China!...
Published 11/11/21