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A very hungry bear ransacked a cupcake shop in this weeks Science in the News - and its a very BUG themed episode with a beautiful yet DEADLY moth being the centre of Dangerous Dan, AND we speak to Daniel Clark from the Story Museum who is creating a brand new exhibit on climate change and... ANTS! We answer your science questions, such as why is the centre of the earth hot- and head to space with the team from Deep Space High! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: See for privacy information.
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Published 09/28/23
Dan is here once again with his special research rocket ship to take you into the depths of space, and we'll be spending some time with the animals down on Earth too! Conservationist and wildlife expert Lizzie Daly is here this week to tell you how you can make a difference and do your part to...
Published 09/28/23
Put on your scuba gear, we're going below the waves this week to check out some sharks! Eloise is a shark expert who went to the Bahamas with Steve Backshall, to study sharks and their environment for CBBC's Deadly Mission Shark. Sharks have a bad reputation, but do they deserve it? It's...
Published 09/23/23