FIFA23: New FUT Features & Chemistry System Overhaul #W46
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The podcast is back, and with big FUT news! The chemistry system has been revamped, a new real-event tied mode has been announced, Angry Birds FIFA, cross-play market predictions and loads more! A panel of FUT experts have been assembled to explain the changes, discuss them and work out the impact on the FIFA23 'Meta'! Nate — The FUT Accountant — and MattFUTTrading join FUT legend AirJapes and your host Ben to chat FUT23: New FUT Moments Moments Potential New Chemistry System How the system works General chemistry thoughts Positioning impact Lacklustre Icon effect? Is Hero chemistry too strong? Chemistry tip Coop Transfer Market Loads more! Get double the podcasts, and keep FUT Weekly going (for just £3 a month) by becoming a Patreon over at This includes an exclusive supporter podcast this week!
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Published 10/06/22
Published 10/06/22
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