Pro 442 Gameplay Tips, Key Controller Settings & Champs Mentality #W3
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Hashtag United pro player Tom Stokes joins your regulars YouTube Legend AirJapes, eWorld Cup Commentator Richard Buckley and Ben to discuss: Even more finishing advice! Tom Stokes Pro 442 Tactics AirJapes 433(5) False 9 Richard's 4321 How important is a dedicated defensive midfielder? Pro player's mentality tips Our Controller Settings Our Camera Settings Loads more! Want a chance of winning 24,000 FIFA Points? Plus get double the pod content, keeping it going (for just £3 a month) by becoming a Patreon over at This includes an exclusive supporter podcast this week!
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The podcast is back, and with big FUT news! The chemistry system has been revamped, a new real-event tied mode has been announced, Angry Birds FIFA, cross-play market predictions and loads more! A panel of FUT experts have been assembled to explain the changes, discuss them and work out the...
Published 08/17/22
Published 08/17/22
Your host Ben and NealGuides had the chance to play a recent (early) FIFA23 build, and so share their thoughts with AirJapes and H00bear. They also dive into all the latest changes: Semi Assisted Shooting Semi Assisted Lobbed Through Balls Is More Manual always good? New Power Shot  New...
Published 07/31/22