First Champs Finals & Do Playoffs Work? AJ3 Raps Pound For Pound #W4
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Returning FUT Weekly legend Andy AJ3 joins your current regulars AirJapes, Richard Buckley and Ben to discuss: Our Pound For Pound Powerhouses this week Listener suggestions POTM Benzema Review Andy's FUT thoughts so far Analysis of the current Rivals and Champs structure Does the structure work for 'less able' players? Flashback Umtiti verdict POTM Ronaldo thoughts POTM Koulibally & Til Richard argues against OTW Loads more! Want a chance of winning 24,000 FIFA Points? Plus get double the pod content, keeping it going (for just £3 a month) by becoming a Patreon over at This includes an exclusive supporter podcast this week!
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The podcast is back, and with big FUT news! The chemistry system has been revamped, a new real-event tied mode has been announced, Angry Birds FIFA, cross-play market predictions and loads more! A panel of FUT experts have been assembled to explain the changes, discuss them and work out the...
Published 08/17/22
Published 08/17/22
Your host Ben and NealGuides had the chance to play a recent (early) FIFA23 build, and so share their thoughts with AirJapes and H00bear. They also dive into all the latest changes: Semi Assisted Shooting Semi Assisted Lobbed Through Balls Is More Manual always good? New Power Shot  New...
Published 07/31/22