Good God! GameCube Greatness
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Dan and Pete celebrate Pete's "favourite console of all time" on the 20th anniversary of its being. Was it really a misunderstood, under-appreciated thing of beauty?  Yes. Yes it was! See for privacy information.
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Team GOA! On the weekly catch up, the team discuss Xbox 20, the Game Awards nominations, and various other gaming topics before they deep dive into some Beta Halo! See for privacy information.
Published 11/19/21
Published 11/19/21
Pete meets Bronson Walker, an Indie dev from the Victorian based studio "The Regicide Collective." In this fascinating chat the two explore what it's like to build a game pitched to be as big as Skyrim with a team of only 8! Plus a heap of other great interesting facts about 0's and 1's. See...
Published 11/11/21