Season one, episode nineteen is here and Em and Char reveal a hilarious update about the infamous alley from episode's past, gay and trauma panic over the release of midnights (F*ck you John Mayer!) and reveal a highly entertaining story from a previous gay panic meltdown which left them both humiliated. They spend the majority of this episode hysterically laughing, so let's hope it can brighten up your day and make you giggle too. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 11/04/22
Season one, episode eighteen is here and Em and Char bring two of their best friends onto the podcast for some very queer chats about all things comp het, their types and so much more. Em shares how she likes mean girls, Char opens up about how her struggles with OCD still impact her sexuality, Tam discusses fluidity and how she is now okay with being someone's wifey one day(!) and the gang play celesbian f*ck, marry, kill! It's gay, it's panicked, it's chaotic. Follow the podcast on...
Published 10/14/22
Published 10/14/22
Season one, episode seventeen is here and Em and Char almost cry over a League of Their Own, Em convinces Char to go on a double date with her and they discuss their views on attachment styles, polyamory vs monogamy and essentially trauma dump on you all for an hour - what fun! Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod 
Published 09/23/22
Season one, episode sixteen is here and Em and Char chat with Alexa and Kesa about their crazy development of a love story - they happen to share an ex girlfriend! They share how they went from being enemies, triangulated by a serial abuser, to exposing their abuser, healing together and ultimately falling in love. The title seemed fitting as their story really is so similar to that depicted in the award winning book "In The Dream House" by Carmen Maria Machado.  Anyone struggling with...
Published 08/27/22
Season one, episode fifteen is here and Em and Char recap their chaotic pride weekend, weigh in on all of the leztopia breakups and the tiktok lesbian apocalypse and get to the bottom of the cause - the four horsemen (and Fletcher - she can be a fifth horseman). Laugh along with them to their pride antics and find out what Em got up to in an alley and whether or not Char broke Ripley's curse. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 08/12/22
Season one, episode fourteen is here and Em and Char spill potentially the most tea they’ve ever spilled about their personal lives. They also FINALLY talk about Ripley(!) and weigh in on the Fletcher vs Shannon drama. It’s their favourite episode they have recorded so far and also the longest - promise it’s worth it! Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 07/23/22
Season one, episode twelve brings Gay Panic's second featured guest, the lovely Hannah aka Lesbimum. Em and Char quiz Han on their adorable LDR with a fellow Tiktoker, Char's life is made when it is revealed that the PTA mums are in fact all a bit gay and they learn about Hannah's experience being a lesbian mum (or lesbimum!) Enjoy!  Follow Han on tiktok / instagram: @lesbimum  Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 07/08/22
Gay Panic is back and gayer than ever after a 2 week hiatus. In their twelfth episode, Em and Char celebrate pride month and 50 years since the first pride here in the UK! Also, they gay panic over The Wilds and Leatin and the canon lesbian herstory read that is The Well of Loneliness.  Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 06/26/22
Season one, episode eleven is HERE and with an exciting twist - Gay Panic's very first featured guest! In tonight's episode Em and Char chat with Kaelee about her acclaimed status as the lesbian gossip girl of tiktok, how she met Jojo Siwa, her beef with the Tampa Baes and so much more! Follow Kaelee on tiktok: @kales_0 - please petition Tiktok to get her account back as it was taken down a few days after we filmed this episode with her(!) and follow her on @kalesandliv in the mean...
Published 05/27/22
Season one, episode ten is HERE and with a new microphone and (hopefully) better audio quality for you lovely listeners. In tonight's episode Em and Char play a game of lesbian stereotype bingo to ascertain how many lesbian stereotypes they each fit, so grab your pen and play along with them! Oh, and they fight about milfs and freak out over Chrishelle Stause and G Flip's new romance! Two words - Power. Couple. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 05/13/22
In their ninth episode Em and Char discuss all things queer friendships and why having a close queer community means so much to them, Char cries about Killing Eve (yes, for real) and Em shares her love of the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. The podcast is well and truly back and it's gayer than ever after a 2 week hiatus. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 04/29/22
In their eighth episode Em and Char discuss micro-labels within the lesbian community and why they find them restrictive, discuss the latest celesbian gossip (shoutout to @kales_0 on tiktok, she's the new MVP) and poise an important question: where are the lesbian ghosts?!?!?! Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 04/03/22
In their seventh episode Em and Char react to some infamous Sappho translations, rant about their love for Zolita (what else is new) and discover that the famous Sappho may have been the first person to accurately describe gay panic in words. Yes, apparently ancient greeks did gay panic. It's sapphic, it's selacious, it's scandalous, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 03/11/22
In their sixth episode Em and Char discuss how Storm Eunice (or as Em calls it "Storm Eugene") brought dyke drama with it, hence the fitting name of this episode. The storm is blazing, fan favourite T is back and risen from the dead and Char's ex is a little too close to home! Plus friends of Gay Panic share the childhood signs that they were gay, with Em and Char throwing theirs in the mix too. Warning: it gets juicy! Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 02/26/22
In their fifth episode, in honour of LGBT+ History Month, Char (who is a massive queer history nerd) quizzes Em on some canon lesbian and queer history and they unpack some of the trials and tribulations that faced those who paved the way for our community. The start of the title references the incredible Sylvia Rivera's speech at a Gay Pride Ralley in NYC. (NOTE: Sylvia was not a lesbian, but was a very inspirational queer woman who fought for the most marginalised in our community, so...
Published 02/11/22
In their fourth episode Em and Char pull tarot cards for each other, discover their future as celesbians, share some more cringey stories from gay panic's past and Em chooses Miss Trunchbull over Miss Honey (yeah....really...). This episode is a bit of a mess and we apologise for the bad audio quality, but hope you enjoy it nonetheless.  Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 01/28/22
In their third (very chaotic) episode, Em and Char - in a state of tiredness (this was filmed after a long day at work!) - reveal the top gay classics in their Spotify Wrapped, share some bad dating stories, judge each other for both fancying a different type of "basic brunette" and generally laugh at each other's awful track record with love and relationships. This episode is Taylor Swift references and gay panic galore. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 12/10/21
In their second episode Em and Char share their coming out stories, discuss the lesbian storylines on TV that helped them figure things ~out~ and Char berates Em for falling asleep during the lesbian cult classic "But I'm a Cheerleader" (which the title of this episode pays homage to). Plenty of gay panic to go around. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 11/26/21
In their first ever episode Em and Char unpack celesbian conspiracy theories, Em's status as a "bait Brighton lesbian", Char's love of milfs and why they are always gay panicking. Oh, and they give their useless gay advice in response to your questions! Enjoy. Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod
Published 11/05/21