Trauma Dumping For 1 Hour ~Not~ Straight
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Season one, episode seventeen is here and Em and Char almost cry over a League of Their Own, Em convinces Char to go on a double date with her and they discuss their views on attachment styles, polyamory vs monogamy and essentially trauma dump on you all for an hour - what fun! Follow the podcast on instagram: @gaypanicpod 
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Season one, episode nineteen is here and Em and Char reveal a hilarious update about the infamous alley from episode's past, gay and trauma panic over the release of midnights (F*ck you John Mayer!) and reveal a highly entertaining story from a previous gay panic meltdown which left them both...
Published 11/04/22
Season one, episode eighteen is here and Em and Char bring two of their best friends onto the podcast for some very queer chats about all things comp het, their types and so much more. Em shares how she likes mean girls, Char opens up about how her struggles with OCD still impact her sexuality,...
Published 10/14/22
Published 10/14/22