60 - Pioneers Series: We Contain Multitudes with Stephen Levine
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In our conversation, Stephen is posed the question: why are we so prone to reductionism in our thinking about transition and gender? He explains the “chain of trust” in medical school training and academia and how it can lead to a broken system and low-quality procedures being used on a massive scale. Additionally, Dr Levine’s depth perspective on love, intimacy and what makes us human reflects the great wisdom he has gained from over fifty years working as a psychiatrist.
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Published 04/01/22
We have completed eleven interviews and today we analyze the second half of our Pioneers Series. Stella and I discuss the psychological and emotional impact of some recent interviews. We review the shocking discussions we’ve had with several of our guests and reflect on the flawed Dutch Protocol,...
Published 04/01/22
This is the last episode in our pioneers series and the second interview with Dr. Paul Vasey. If you haven’t heard our conversation with Paul in episode 57, I recommend you go back and listen to that one first, as we build upon many of the ideas we introduced there. Today we continue reflecting...
Published 03/25/22