Jon Prosser Quits The Podcast And Storms Out
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I'm just gonna say it: this is our first good episode in a while. Sorry about that, but also, you're welcome! This week at the Genius Bar, Jon Prosser and Sam Kohl dive deep on the new battery percentage in iOS 16, the not flat Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple's upcoming September event! Oh, and Jon walks out and quits. 😳
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Published 09/28/22
Jon Prosser and Sam Kohl are joined this week by Felix Bahlinger, an amazing German Apple YouTuber, to go deep on crash detection on iPhone 14. Things get intense as an argument over how the feature should work escalates quickly. Plus, Sam shares his intense love for Apple Watch Ultra.
Published 09/28/22
Jon Prosser and Sam Kohl have returned to the Genius Bar with more "nuanced" thoughts on iPhone 14...and to discuss a recent interview with Tim Cook and Jony Ive. Plus, what's up with the Apple Watch Series 8?
Published 09/22/22