K.M. Patten: Great Reset is the Dystopian Vision of a Technocratic Totalitarian World State
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Author K.M. Patten discusses his book "Staying ON During the Great Reset" and Cobra Commander Klaus Schwab's dystopian vision of a technocratic totalitarian world state where he wants our world to become contactless and e-everything. K.M. discusses free speech absolutism, skirting Big Tech censorship, and the pandemic aftermath. We need to be more critical of authorities and institutions. Being blackpilled is not synonymous with nihilism, it's just acknowledging how bad things are. We shouldn't lie to ourselves with false hope. It's an information war and we need to get the information out! *Support Geopolitics & Empire: Donate https://geopoliticsandempire.com/donations Consult https://geopoliticsandempire.com/consultation Become a Member https://geopoliticsandempire.com/become-member Become a Sponsor https://geopoliticsandempire.com/sponsors **Visit Our Sponsors Expat Money Show & Summit https://expatmoney.com Unz Review https://www.unz.com/page/covid-biowarfare-articles Nomos Time Bank https://www.nomos.net Borderless Health Insurance http://www.borderlesshealthinsurance.com Websites Twitter https://twitter.com/TheLastAnRkist Stairway Press https://stairwaypress.com K.M. Patten Books https://stairwaypress.com/author/kmpatten About K.M. Patten K.M. Patten is a researcher, activist, and writer who lives in the Greater Los Angeles Area. While spending time in California’s prison system, he caught the “activist bug.” Suddenly to eager to change a world he didn’t always care for, he decided to join up with a number of local activist groups, which culminated with the Occupy Movement and the camps that sprung up in America a few years ago. A memoir of that year-long experience is near completion. Now he spends his days reading, writing, taking care of his son, and – of course – battling the forces of darkness. *Podcast intro music is from the song "The Queens Jig" by "Musicke & Mirth" from their album "Music for Two Lyra Viols": http://musicke-mirth.de/en/recordings.html (available on iTunes or Amazon)
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