The Omicron Omega Man
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Bill Barnes returns to the show after many months away from the microphone to wish everyone a Happy New Year! He updates us on how things have been going in his life as well as his recent Christmas experience. Bill has a few items to show off on camera and will try to describe them in detail. We discuss the rise in crime, two years of chaos, and when he will be making future appearances on the Get Home Safe Podcast. As always, the views and opinions of Mr Bill Barnes do not necessarily reflect those of the host for this program or his audience. HAPPY 2022 EVERYONE! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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There have been some recent updates on the logos for the Get Home Safe podcast and its social media accounts. Additionally, you can now find the upcoming Charge To Keep podcast on various listening platforms, its own YouTube channel, and social media pages. It's a big week for the college...
Published 05/24/22
Kyle Corral is the Site Director for Kare Youth League in Upland, CA. He was instrumental in KYL expansion over 15 years ago with his unmatched passion for building character in young children through sports. Kyle was also a big part of a special era in Rio Hondo Prep Baseball where the Kares...
Published 05/20/22
Published 05/20/22