Short form videos, like TikTok, IG Reels, and YouTube Shorts, are all the rage these days. Join Fran and Hannah for Episode 9 of Season 3 for more detail on why short form videos are effective and how they could be a great resource for your business. With short form videos being low in cost, very shareable, great for engagement, and more, this could be an excellent content type to add to your business’ social media strategy. LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 10/11/22
Published 10/11/22
As a buyer or seller of goods or services, we want you to feel confident when interacting with a new business or marketing yourself in a trustworthy way to potential customers. Fran and Hannah, in this episode, discuss 6 red flags to watch out for as a buyer or to avoid as a seller. Let’s work together to promote more confidence in B to C or B to B interactions. LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 09/12/22
The holidays, and the seasonal promotions that come with them, will be here before you know it! Fran and Hannah are coming to you early to share some suggestions on how to approach seasonal promotions for your product or service-based company. From starting weeks ahead to tailoring your content strategy around the seasons, we’ve got a nugget or two that might help you. Listen to our witty banter to learn more! LinkedIn: Upright Communications Hiring Tips: How to Utilize Your Digital...
Published 08/22/22
Work/life balance is a topic that Fran and Hannah are quite passionate about. And in the hustle and bustle of culture’s view on work, we’re here to shed some important reasons why you may want to consider a more balanced work/life dynamic. From lessening unnecessary stress in your life to improving your mental and physical health, and much more, Episode 6 has some keen reminders. LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 06/20/22
Join Fran and Hannah for a fun conversation about ways to make your brand more likable. We touch on expressing your brand opinions and values clearly, providing your audience with value, investing in your community, and much more. This episode is a good time so don’t miss out! The Science of Likability https://www.scienceofpeople.com/likable/ Vanessa Van Edwards LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 04/25/22
Fran and Hannah welcome this new spring season with open arms. Today’s episode is all about spring cleaning and decluttering your digital space. From your emails and cloud storage to your physical phone and desktop, there’s a lot to get organized for optimal efficiency. Listen on for our favorite tips! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 04/04/22
Have you been curious about the affordability of marketing agencies? Fran and Hannah discuss how to approach cost and benefits when evaluating the agency route for your marketing efforts. Listen in if you love numbers as much as we do! LinkedIn: Upright Communications Resources: Upright’s Outsourced Marketing Hubspot Marketing Budget Template
Published 02/28/22
In the spirit of love this month, Fran and Hannah are bringing you a Valentine’s Day special all about what we love about digital marketing. Oh, and Fran blesses us all with her singing debut… listen today to join in the fun! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 02/13/22
Fran and Hannah are back in 2022, better than ever! In the first episode of the new season 3, we wanted to bring to you 5 digital marketing trends to keep in mind as you go through 2022 and beyond. From an emphasis on user experience to staying on top of new technologies, there are a lot of great industry trends to look forward to! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 01/31/22
Wow - we can’t believe it’s nearly 2022! Fran and Hannah are ending this year with an Upright end of year review and water cooler style chat on their personal intentions for the new year. To learn more about our podcasting efforts, the updated home page, and email nurturing campaigns with video, give Season 2, Episode 15 a listen. You won’t want to miss this! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 12/14/21
Fran and Hannah are back at it with a number of our top picks for elements to include on your home page. We cover items like clear CTAs, proof of results, links to socials, and items that may take a little extra heavy lifting like identifying your customers’ problems and how you can provide them a solution. Join us on this exciting episode! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 11/23/21
Another day, another episode of Getting Down to Digital with Fran and Hannah. In Episode 13 of Season 2, we want to help you utilize your business’ digital presence to bring in new employees. Upright understands that hiring is a challenge right now, and we want to give you ideas on how to alleviate this pressure. Oh, we also snuck in a few offline hiring ideas too… LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 10/26/21
Fran and Hannah are joined in this episode again by Keely, who was our guest in Episode 4 of this season. Keely shares with us her best tips for the website development process. From securing your domain and hosting to ways to combat spam that may be slipping through your form fills, we hope you’ll give these considerations a listen. They’re good ones! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 09/27/21
Fran and Hannah are back for Episode 11 of Getting Down to Digital, Season 2. This episode is all about getting your business seen by customers in search results. We’ll share with you five practical ways to give your visibility on search a boost. Upright is here to help you get found! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 09/10/21
We’ve got another episode with Fran and Hannah for another exciting episode of Getting Down to Digital, Season 2. In Episode 10, we’re here to share with you six potential pain points that your customers may be experiencing and ways to overcome them. Give these common pain points with solutions a quick listen. We hope it helps! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 07/29/21
Season 2, Episode 9 welcomes Fran and Hannah for another 20 minutes of digital marketing fun. This episode will provide our listeners with insight into different social media topics and ideas. There’s so much content to choose from, so we’re excited to help you get those creative juices flowing. Listen now! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 07/13/21
In Episode 8, we’re back with Fran and Hannah to discuss Upright’s favorite content creation tools. Listen in for our thoughts on programs like Asana, Adobe, Canva, Semrush, Hootsuite, and more. Let’s bring that great idea to fruition! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 06/22/21
Join Fran (Colleen) and Hannah as they welcome Greg Frye, founder and president of Upright Communications, to Episode 7. This is a special episode to celebrate Upright’s 25th anniversary in 2021! Listen in to learn more about Greg, how he started Upright, and his tips for owning a digital marketing agency. It’s a great time! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 06/01/21
Welcome Upright’s dedicated copywriter, Erin Meyer, to Episode 6! Learn more about Erin and her love for copywriting right here. She shares some of her best practical tips to be a successful copywriter in your company. Listen for a good time with Colleen, Hannah, and Erin! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 05/10/21
Join Colleen and Hannah once again for another episode of Getting Down to Digital. Episode 5 addresses why product and business reviews are so important for many prospective buyers. They also share their top five tips for answering negative reviews. Give it a listen! LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 04/19/21
Getting Down to Digital welcomes a very special guest to Episode 4 - Keely! Keely is a vital part of our production team, with over ten years of experience working with Upright. She shares her top five tips for creating and maintaining a great website, putting an emphasis on monitoring/tracking for the account manager. Listen on for a wealth of technical - but simplified - knowledge. LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 03/29/21
Colleen and Hannah are back for Episode 3 which is all about managing your business’ social media presence. They share a number of platforms and practices to ensure your social posts and engagement are effective and on-brand. Listen here now!
Published 03/15/21
Optimizing your local listing online is crucial for your search ranking and overall visibility. Join Colleen and Hannah in a discussion about BrightLocal’s 2021 predictions for local search on Google, and how you can use your GMB listing to improve your search visibility. LinkedIn: Upright Communications
Published 03/01/21
Upright Communications wants to officially welcome you all to 2021! Join Colleen and Hannah for an honest conversation about our intentions/resolutions as a business going into the New Year. Our main topics cover exploring new growth opportunities, virtual networking, and being receptive to change.
Published 02/15/21