Brian Levant
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Writer, producer, director, toy collector and pop culture historian Brian Levant ("The Flintstones," "Beethoven," "Jingle All the Way") joins Gilbert and Frank for a fun-filled conversation about staging pie fights, mail-order alligators, failed "Munsters" reboots, the comic genius of Harvey Korman and Jonathan Winters and the making of his upcoming memoir/coffee table book, "My Life and Toys." Also, Jack Warden forgets his lines, Chuck Jones finds the fountain of youth, Garry Marshall's memorial service brings down the house and Brian directs Gilbert in "Problem Child 2." PLUS: Buffalo Bob Smith! The legend of "Poochinski"! The wonderful world of Hanna-Barbera! Fonzie jumps the shark! The Lone Ranger rides again! And Brian remembers colleagues Phil Hartman and Charlies Grodin! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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