We are so excited to welcome the race director of The Hardrock 100, Dale Garland, back to the show to chat about this year's race. After 2 years of unfortunate cancellations, one of the world's toughest ultramarathons is BACK this weekend with an amazing field of athletes. Let's dig in! #GingerRunnerLive #DaleGarland #TheHardrock100
Published 07/12/21
Jason Schlarb was dealt a difficult blow with the need for ACL/meniscus surgery 4 months ago. His patience and perseverance paid off as he was able to slowly & meticulously train his way back to running shape. As a results, he just won his first mountain race back in Telluride, CO! Let's find out all about his journey back! #GingerRunnerLive #JasonSchlarb #KneeSurgery
Published 07/05/21
Keely Henninger is a dynamite ultrarunner that we've loved to follow for years. Reigning from the PNW, she just placed in the top 10 women at the 2021 Western States 100 in her 100 mile distance debut - just amazing! Let's find out how she did it! #GingerRunnerLive #KeelyHenninger #WesternStates100
Published 06/28/21
We are so excited to welcome the reigning Western States 100 champs, Clare Gallagher & Jim Walmsley, to the show to chat all about the upcoming 2021 Western States 100. Discussion topics will range from training over the last year, strategies, heat acclimation and more. You won't want to miss this episode! #GingerRunnerLive #ClareGallagher #JimWalmsley
Published 06/21/21
The one and only, Sally McRae, is joining us on the show once again to chat about her preparation for Badwater 135, the excitement surrounding the upcoming Western States 100 (maybe even dropping some predictions) and more. This is going to be an awesome episode! #GingerRunnerLive #SallyMcRae #Badwater135
Published 06/14/21
One of our favorite humans, David Roche, is back on the show to answer all of your running, training and racing related questions for our 10th edition of Ask Coach Roche! We'll also be touching on how his fence got destroyed. #GingerRunnerLive #AskCoachRoche #DavidRoche
Published 06/07/21
We are so excited to welcome UK ultrarunner & adventurer, Damian Hall, to the show! Damian just set the new UK Coast-To-Coast fkt, held the former Pennine Way FKT, wrote an amazing book & more. We'll chat about it all on today's show! #GingerRunnerLive #DamianHall #CoastToCoastFKT
Published 05/31/21
We're honored to have ultrarunner and adventurer, John Kelly, back on the show to chat about his recent monster accomplishment in setting a new FKT on the 268 mile Pennine Way - the 3rd FKT on the route in the last year. Join us as we dig into his adventure! #GingerRunnerLive #JohnKelly #PennineWayFKT
Published 05/24/21
We are so excited to welcome badass adventurer, Maggie Guterl, back to the show to chat about her recent win at the inaugural Cocodona 250 - a brutal multi-day event that takes runners from Black Canyon City to Flagstaff, Arizona through soaring temps, over gnarly trails and more. This should be fun! #GingerRunnerLive #MaggieGuterl #Cocodona250
Published 05/17/21
The first annual Tiger Claw VERTual challenge took place this last weekend with hundreds of runners from around the world chasing after the coveted Vert Coins. It was an awesome achievement by so many. Join us on tonight's episode where we recognize some of the accomplishments and recap the weekend of VERT! #GingerRunnerLive #TigerClawVERTual #Awards
Published 05/11/21
WE ARE BACK! Ultrarunner and adventurer, Alex Borsuk, is joining us on today's show to chat about her recent win at the Tillamook Burn 50k, her experience with SkiMo racing at The Grand Traverse and more! This should be an exciting episode! #GingerRunnerLive #AlexBorsuk #TillamookBurn
Published 05/03/21
We are excited to welcome Elaine Fung to the show! Elaine is an amazing runner and co-creator of the We_Are_Trail instagram account, who works as a full time VFX artist in the movie and TV industry while simultaneously crushing mountains. The past weekend she ran her first 100k, a stout DIY effort, surrounded by friends. We can't wait to find out more! #GingerRunnerLive #ElaineFung #First100k
Published 04/12/21
We are excited to welcome Katie Grossman back to the show! We'll be chatting about motherhood - Katie just gave birth to their second child - postpartum injuries & patience in the running long game. This will be a fun and informative episode with one of our favorites! #GingerRunnerLive #KatieGrossman #Motherhood
Published 04/05/21
We are excited to share stories of triumph and adventure from our viewers on the 19th edition of our Viewer Mail & Inspiration episodes! Let's celebrate the community in all your awesomeness! #GingerRunnerLive #ViewerMail #RunningInspiration
Published 03/15/21
The North Face teammates, Kaytlyn Gerbin & Dylan Bowman, are incredible ultrarunners and adventurers. I had the distinct pleasure of documenting their incredible FKTs on the Wonderland Trail in the Summer of 2020. On today's show, we'll chat about that experience, FKTs, the movie Summer of Wonder and more! #GingerRunnerLive #KaytlynGerbin #DylanBowman
Published 03/08/21
We are excited to welcome Jeff & Jenn Fisher back to the show to chat about some of their experiences moving from the city life in Portland, Oregon to living in the wilds of Alaska as well as adapting to trail running & racing in their new location. This is the first of a 2 part series with the TBD Part 2 dealing with their lives & experiences in the mushing world. This should be a wonderful show! #GingerRunnerLive #JeffJennFisher #AlaskaUltrarunning
Published 03/01/21
We are excited to welcome Devon Yanko back to the show! We have a lot to catch up on with Devon - from running 500k in 10 days, dealing with a new injury & what it's been like running and owning a bakery during the pandemic. This should be a fun show! #GingerRunnerLive #DevonYanko #Ultrarunner
Published 02/22/21
Tyler Green is an amazing PNW ultrarunner that is on an absolute tear! He not only crushed some major PNW FKTs in 2020, but he most recently won the Black Canyon 100k in Arizona securing a golden ticket to the 2021 Western States 100! We can't wait to welcome this badass to the show! #GingerRunnerLive #TylerGreen #WesternStates100
Published 02/15/21
Published 02/01/21