GRL #356 | ASK COACH ROCHE 10 - David Roche is BACK!
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One of our favorite humans, David Roche, is back on the show to answer all of your running, training and racing related questions for our 10th edition of Ask Coach Roche! We'll also be touching on how his fence got destroyed. #GingerRunnerLive #AskCoachRoche #DavidRoche
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We are so excited to welcome the race director of The Hardrock 100, Dale Garland, back to the show to chat about this year's race. After 2 years of unfortunate cancellations, one of the world's toughest ultramarathons is BACK this weekend with an amazing field of athletes. Let's dig in! ...
Published 07/12/21
Published 07/12/21
Jason Schlarb was dealt a difficult blow with the need for ACL/meniscus surgery 4 months ago. His patience and perseverance paid off as he was able to slowly & meticulously train his way back to running shape. As a results, he just won his first mountain race back in Telluride, CO! Let's find...
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