We are honored to welcome the amazing Rickey Gates back to the show to chat about the release of his new film project, Transamericana, in collaboration with the always incredible, Wandering Fever. The film follows Rickey during his run across America after the 2016 presidential election. This should be an awesome show!
Published 10/12/20
Ultrarunner and adventurer, Sally McRae, is back on GRLive to chat about her recent move to Oregon, what it's been like exploring and training in new mountains as well as leading the way inspiring a new generation of young mountain runners with her talent, strength & incredible spirit! This is going to be a great episode!
Published 10/05/20
Coach David Roche is BACK to not only answer all of your running and training related questions, but to also chat about his recent article in regards to believing in ourselves, our accomplishments and our potential. This should be a great episode!
Published 09/28/20
Senior Innovation Developer from Brooks Running, Bryan Bhark, joins us on the show today to chat about what goes into designing, building and creating some of the running industry's leading shoes. This is an awesome conversation with lots of deep dive questions into the process. Enjoy!
Published 08/17/20
The amazingly talented ultrarunner, Emily Halnon, is joining us on the show today to chat about setting the new overall FKT on the 453 mile Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail. She ran in remembrance of her mother who passed in January to a rare form of cancer and has raised nearly $30,000 for the Brave Like Gabe foundation!
Published 08/10/20
We are honored to welcome Jacob Puzey to the show to talk about his brother, Tommy Rivers Puzey, and his battle with cancer. We will also chat about the Run With Rivs initiative and how we can help!
Published 08/03/20
The always amazing, David Roche, will be joining us today for our 5th episode of Ask Coach Roche! If you have any running/life related questions, let's get into it with one of our favorite guides!
Published 07/27/20
Race director & adventurer Candice Burt joins us on the show again to chat about her recent unsupported FKT on the Tahoe Rim Trail after the cancellation of the Badwater 135. We're super excited to catch up with Candice!
Published 07/20/20