Pantry Faves
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It's a quiet weekend for Molly and Nick on the farm, so Molly's making an inexpensive lunch using her favorite pantry ingredients; there's her Harissa-Braised Chickpeas with Feta; her super easy Yogurt Marinated Chicken Skewers; her Smashed Cucumber Salad with Mint, Tahini Milkshakes, and some Peanut Butter Krispy Rice Squares - possibly with sprinkles!
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Molly Yeh is hosting a brunch party with a few of her former bridesmaids, and she has all the best brunch bases covered. She makes her sweet and fluffy Blueberry Blintzes, a Breakfast Salad with Soft-Cooked Eggs and more.
Published 12/28/22
Molly Yeh and her husband, Nick, are celebrating Christmas Eve with Chinese food! Molly's festive menu includes juicy Pork Soup Dumplings, Kung Pao Chicken and a crisp Smashed Chinese Cucumber Salad. For dessert, she crafts a Black Sesame Buche de Noel.
Published 12/21/22
Published 12/21/22