One of the most common questions this year in my DMs hope this one helps anyone struggling - This podcast - My links Debbie_Sugrue & Girlbosspodcast_ Nikki’s links : Instagram.com/Nikkiofficially Facebook.com/mindhealthschool [email protected]
Published 05/05/22
Published 05/05/22
Become more with this simple perspective
Published 01/09/22
Today’s podcast is an in-depth overview of what true inner peace and connection is, what it means to live well and how you control that.
Published 01/02/22
Today’s podcast is a self awareness podcast. This one is hopefully going to define true kindness and help you identify if you understand this act at the core. Kindness is not doing to receive. It is simply doing for someone else’s sake fully. I also talk on other important topics at the end of this poddy enjoy
Published 12/20/21
Your mind = your life
Published 11/29/21
10 years later.. What happens in life is truely in our mind, thoughts and actions. Setting aims and reflecting on who we were and are are significant in our levels of fulfilment. In celebration off my 10 year journey living overseas I wanted to make this podcast about what it thought me and why your next 10 years will be better then you could ever imagine 🥰
Published 11/26/21
Never fear rejection and instead look at it as a benefit to your improvement as a person :)
Published 11/21/21
Today’s episode is to help anyone struggling with internal baggage! This can really help you and everyone around you. It’s about recognition of who you are and how you view your position in the world. It takes time and effort with new experiences to sometimes realise we can be our own downfall. Now we all have very unfortunate things happen but inside it is key to know your intentions and take the high road to free your own mind and thoughts. Nothing good comes easy especially a free mind, if...
Published 11/18/21
This podcast is designed to re-energise refocus and give you a brand and grand new perspective on how you can go about life and what you can do from a place of hopelessness, I tackle low self esteem, rejection of opportunity and lack of perspective that’s held you back all this time, whilst identifying who you have been it’s not a place to dwell it’s time to pivot, build your self confidence & truly let yourself absorb great things
Published 11/04/21
Thoughts become your destiny
Published 11/03/21
Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way. Confidence isn't about feeling superior to others. It's a quiet inner knowledge that you're capable. Confident people: ... know they can rely on their skills and strengths to handle whatever comes up.
Published 10/30/21
How to never fail? Yes it’s not a joke! It’s on you! You have the power to make sure you don’t fail! This podcast is for anyone who holds fear, self doubt and is lacking optimistic outlooks. This applies to all aspects of life ! follow us on IG @girlbosspodcast_ & tag us in your stories @debbie_sugrue
Published 10/20/21
The reason we fall isn’t because of what’s happening around us, unless you believe that. We can’t escape the uncertainty of life. Most people validate and escalate problems that lead to an overwhelming breakdown of the important things in life. This can not only affect how you feel overtime, it can affect the current moment and the future. If you struggle with fear, grace, peace and happiness in general that’s OK. This is more common then it isn’t but it doesn’t need to be this way....
Published 10/09/21
This one is just here to hopefully help you reignite meaning and connection! I hope it helps you stick out more tough times and ignites hope in why going through challenges create fulfilment and pride x
Published 08/29/21
This episode is a pretty simple starting point to get on track to a more positive version of yourself. I am constantly learning and putting myself to the rest when it comes to addressing my thoughts and actions. If you are in a rut, feeling low or need someone to lift you please tune in
Published 08/26/21
What feeds your business or personal brand? MARKETING! Something under rated , under appreciated- Most new businesses don’t make it past the first 12 months. Slacking on the socials? Not making sales yet? Are you actually trying? Why should you hire influencers? Are you ready to start an entire business? How much money does this cost? Mindset around marketing 👏So much goodness! Rate us on apple 🍎
Published 07/29/21
This episode is sponsored by GCI MEDIA GROUP - Need help with online marketing please contact: https://gcimediagroup.mybigcommerce.com/| Karina Irby is one of AUs most successful SELF MADE female entrepreneurs in AU! The stunning Karina openly shares the start up process of her iconic brand @moana_bikini. Karina shares how she used minimal funds to fuel her goal to dress more women and scale a very impressive global brand. Standing out in a saturated market has and will always be challenging,...
Published 06/24/21
Today’s episode is to help you make good decisions quicker without overthinking. This is perfect for those of you who struggle to find confidence in making good choices in a timely manner and feel stress around making the “right move”. Today we speak about everything you need to get clear and to begin taking action on your decisions quickly.
Published 06/20/21
Today’s episode is a mix of motivation, real talk and tough love! I bust myths , share my thoughts on investment, setting expectations, when to expect making consistent sales, dedication , stress management, start up advise!
Published 06/10/21
Congratulations you’ve found one of my tough love talks 😂 this is a really hard core wake up call that’s designed for the girl who is unsure if they can. You gotta note some of this chat as if I was your big sis wanting what’s truely best for you. This is a real life story style on how I’ve earned confidence and what that actually means for your life ! Listen and rate us if you’ve decided to level the hell up today! @girlbosspodcast_
Published 05/24/21
Hey girls! Sometimes we have to face new unexpected or expected change ! I share my background story and how I overcame the uncomfortable feeling of change! I’m not afraid of any change now and fully understand the power of adapting and embracing the new phase! Listen now & don’t forget to tag us on IG @girlbosspodcast_
Published 05/21/21
Today’s episode is sponsored by GCI MEDIA GROUP! Today will simplify how you can navigate through major business challenges alone. I believe you can get through anything and with my actionable tips you will be on your way to better decisions, more confidence and learn how you need to be to SOLVE anything! Please rate us on Apple podcast with 5* if you got value from this. Share this episode to your stories and tag @debbie_sugrue & @girlbosspodcast_ | grow your audience immediately with...
Published 05/17/21
This episode is a simple way to understand why , how and when to manifest! How it helps you find your true purpose and it helps create the perfect balance between now and later
Published 05/13/21
Today’s episode is devoted to resilience! Ever feel like you get pulled back, stop trying, feel scared, put off ? How do you bounce back? Today’s episode will clear that for you very simple so you can go chase the life you are here to have tag us @girlbosspodcast_ & @debbie_sugrue
Published 05/10/21