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Published 09/23/23
Published 09/23/23
Easy 🤝
Published 09/17/23
enjoy your princess treatment after listening 🙌
Published 09/12/23
Hope this helps
Published 09/04/23
Today I share some of my own personal downfalls and how the past has allowed me to learn and correct behaviour & be much more aware in my relationships 👀
Published 03/29/23
Two of the most important decisions your life let’s chat on this topic over on the Q&A ! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, thank you so much for the support xx
Published 03/26/23
The podcast today is an awareness podcast, hope this shows you how instagram “models” view your partners in their DMs and how u can manage it
Published 03/25/23
Hope u find what you are looking for and this helps 🌹
Published 02/15/23
Super straight forward approach i hope helps someone
Published 01/27/23
Goal Setting
Published 01/18/23
This is the advise I live by, I genuinely believe this is the key to acquiring & delivering max value in life! Hope you like it
Published 10/20/22
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Published 10/02/22
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Published 09/27/22
One of the most common questions this year in my DMs hope this one helps anyone struggling - This podcast - My links Debbie_Sugrue & Girlbosspodcast_ Nikki’s links : Instagram.com/Nikkiofficially Facebook.com/mindhealthschool [email protected]
Published 05/05/22
Become more with this simple perspective
Published 01/09/22
Today’s podcast is an in-depth overview of what true inner peace and connection is, what it means to live well and how you control that.
Published 01/02/22
Today’s podcast is a self awareness podcast. This one is hopefully going to define true kindness and help you identify if you understand this act at the core. Kindness is not doing to receive. It is simply doing for someone else’s sake fully. I also talk on other important topics at the end of this poddy enjoy
Published 12/20/21
Your mind = your life
Published 11/29/21
10 years later.. What happens in life is truely in our mind, thoughts and actions. Setting aims and reflecting on who we were and are are significant in our levels of fulfilment. In celebration off my 10 year journey living overseas I wanted to make this podcast about what it thought me and why your next 10 years will be better then you could ever imagine 🥰
Published 11/26/21
Never fear rejection and instead look at it as a benefit to your improvement as a person :)
Published 11/21/21
Today’s episode is to help anyone struggling with internal baggage! This can really help you and everyone around you. It’s about recognition of who you are and how you view your position in the world. It takes time and effort with new experiences to sometimes realise we can be our own downfall. Now we all have very unfortunate things happen but inside it is key to know your intentions and take the high road to free your own mind and thoughts. Nothing good comes easy especially a free mind, if...
Published 11/18/21
This podcast is designed to re-energise refocus and give you a brand and grand new perspective on how you can go about life and what you can do from a place of hopelessness, I tackle low self esteem, rejection of opportunity and lack of perspective that’s held you back all this time, whilst identifying who you have been it’s not a place to dwell it’s time to pivot, build your self confidence & truly let yourself absorb great things
Published 11/04/21
Thoughts become your destiny
Published 11/03/21
Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way. Confidence isn't about feeling superior to others. It's a quiet inner knowledge that you're capable. Confident people: ... know they can rely on their skills and strengths to handle whatever comes up.
Published 10/30/21