Sashee Chandran is a big deal. She’s launched an amazing tea brand, and raised nearly $8.5 million in venture capital funding for her company, Tea Drops. She’s unbelievably candid and humble, sharing everything she learned about starting a business, hiring, finding investors, and so much more.
Published 09/13/21
You don’t leave your personal life at the door in your business. Making sure you are in a good mental state is the only way to bring your best to your business.
Published 09/08/21
Not knowing what to do next is usually a delaying tactic. There are some simple ways to find out what to do next in any situation… if you can get comfortable with being vulnerable.
Published 09/07/21
In this roundtable episode, Clare Vivier of the fashion brand Clare V. joins us! She talks about her journey starting the company, how she grew into the recognizable brand she is now, and how she keeps her company culture strong and intentional through all that growth.
Published 09/06/21
Ditch the perfectionism because it isn’t working for you. We’re going to share how you can shift your mindset to focus on progress over perfectionism and get your project out into the world.
Published 09/01/21
Athena Severi talks about how she got tipped off into the world of Amazon, how it is life changing for so many people, and how you can get into it.
Published 08/30/21
We explore the concept of mentorship: how to find mentors, how to mentor yourself, and how to reach out to peers to find what you need.
Published 08/25/21
Kindness is one of the greatest contributors to business success. It’s hard to quantify, but the benefits you get from helping others (and being helped in return) can’t be overstated.
Published 08/24/21
Maegan Griffin, founder of Skin Pharm, shares the inspiration behind her company and how building the company she wanted to visit as a client led to massive success.
Published 08/23/21
We discuss whether or not you should consider a side hustle, the benefits and drawbacks, and how to make sure it’s a success for you.
Published 08/18/21
Robyn Streisand tells the story of founding her creative agency, The Mixx, and how she’s committed to making an impact in the industry by supporting diverse voices.
Published 08/16/21
We answer your questions about how to decide when to partner with someone or if that’s just an excuse for your fear and how to prioritize when you have so many different ideas or things that need to get done.
Published 08/11/21
Your time is precious. Find out how to balance your decisions so that you spend less time reacting to urgent situations and more time focusing on the important ones.
Published 08/10/21
When we put too much expectation on how we’re going to feel after we achieve a goal, once we achieve it, it can lead to an expectation hangover. Instead, learn to find joy in the journey and stop putting so much pressure on one thing to make you happy or fulfilled.
Published 08/04/21
Christy Desai, Co-Founder and CEO of Okay Humans, talks about the importance of therapy and how they are working to make it more accessible.
Published 08/02/21
We talk about what it can feel like in the life of an entrepreneur, and learning how to ride through the uncertainty of the ups and downs and have fun doing it.
Published 07/28/21
Amber Venz Box, Founder and CEO of rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW.it, shares how solving her own problem around connecting brands and influencers led her to a billion-dollar business that transforms lives.
Published 07/26/21
Let’s talk about how to reframe rejection. Let’s turn it into moments that can move you forward.
Published 07/19/21
Alex Saks talks about how she entered the film industry, what it’s like working in such a male-dominated field, and how she manages the stresses that come along with it.
Published 07/19/21
We talk about the ins and outs of raising capital for your business, the different ways it can be approached, and how to sell the best version of yourself.
Published 07/14/21
Fast track your growth as a leader by learning lessons from those who’ve already been there. Alli shares the tips she learned as a budding entrepreneur while she grew Drybar into a multi-million dollar business.
Published 07/13/21
Raissa Gerona talks about building a brand that resonates beyond itself, how to get over the fear of taking bold action, and leading a team with love.
Published 07/12/21
We explore what makes a good leader and how to cultivate those traits and skills to be the best one you can be.
Published 07/07/21
Giving and receiving feedback in business is essential for success, but it’s also hard. Here are some tips to help make it a little easier.
Published 07/06/21
Jaclyn Johns, founder of Create & Cultivate, shares how her life and business have had to change during the pandemic and how she’s adapted in order to thrive.
Published 07/05/21