How to Use Body Positivity in a Health Centric Approach
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Do you have body-related goals but also want a healthier relationship with fitness and nutrition? Your goal should be about having a plan to get you where you want to go and focusing on how you’re feeling, showing up in your life, and performing.  In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I speak with Allie Cass, a former bodybuilding pro turned functional health and fitness coach. She’s an advocate for self-love helping stressed-out women optimize their metabolism, uplevel their mindset, and shift from surviving to thriving.   Listen in to learn how to reprogram the way you dialogue to understand your feelings and values. You will also learn how to practice discipline and how you show up for yourself to boost your self-love during your fitness journey. Key Takeaways: Understand that it’s acceptable to have fitness goals and self-love doesn’t come from a certain look or shape. The importance of realizing that everything that makes you worthy is already within you. Focus on how you feel and work on setting performance-type goals without micromanaging. The importance of practicing discipline and showing up for yourself to boost your self-love. Episode Timeline: [2:25] Allie on her athletic background and how she got into bodybuilding. [5:30] The challenging yet interesting journey that bodybuilding was versus team sports. [7:18] She explains how she transitioned from the extremes of bodybuilding to fitness coaching. [10:07] How she teaches women to have self-love and still have health and fitness goals. [13:52] The best way to ensure you enjoy the process of achieving your body/fitness goals. [17:06] How Allie helps women practice discipline and show up for themselves to boost their self-love. [21:29] The importance of being kind and gentle with yourself through your fitness and self-love journey. Quotes: “Self-love does not come from a certain look, and it doesn’t come from a certain shape.”- Allie [10:51] “When we really love ourselves, we show up for ourselves, and sometimes that is difficult; sometimes it means doing things that we necessarily don’t want to do, and sometimes it means backing off from things we think we should be doing.”- Allie [18:17] Links Mentioned: Website: Instagram: Follow on instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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