Finding a Way to Plug into Hope, Excitement, and Possibilities
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Try, try, try again. Let's talk about tackling the big goals and going back to past failures Are you exploring who you truly are? Exploring your athletic identity can help you learn more about yourself, the world, and others. Maybe what you need to learn yourself is a big goal to keep you motivated or to lean into your fear and keep stepping forward anyway.  In this episode of the Live Your Personal Best podcast, I speak with Josh Mathe, a coach, award-winning author, fitness expert, nutritionist, ultra-endurance athlete, and life adventurer. He is dedicated to helping people step into the strongest versions of who they are.  Listen in to learn the value of exploring your athletic identity to learn more about yourself and supercharge the rest of your life. You will also learn how to be self-motivated to push yourself at hard and uncomfortable things to have fun and add richness to your life. Key Takeaways: How pushing yourself in athletics can translate into how you push yourself in other aspects of life. How to create and use a mental, emotional, and spiritual training plan to help you overcome challenges.  Understanding why having a bigger goal keeps you motivated and on track.  The value of exploring your athletic identity to supercharge the rest of your life.  How to push yourself at hard and uncomfortable things to explore yourself and the world around you.  The power of leaning into fear, acknowledging it, and stepping forward anyway.  Episode Timeline: [2:42] Josh shares his journey from a chunky kid to a self-motivated endurance athlete. [8:23] The defining moment of his life when he physically and mentally prepared to trail the John Muir Trail.  [16:30] Why he wanted to grapple with the challenge of accomplishing this goal alone.  [18:54] He explains the importance of exploring your athletic identity to learn more about yourself. [22:58] The power of exploring who you are and pushing yourself to become the best you can be.  [26:41] How the pandemic jumpstarted the idea of finding hope in trying new adventures.  Quotes: “It is strength, not weakness, to ask for help and to achieve success together with somebody else or a team.”- Josh [17:45] “There’s power in throwing ourselves at hard and uncomfortable things and exploring what we’re capable of just because it’s fun and it adds to the richness of our lives, and we learn about ourselves.”- Josh [24:46] Links Mentioned:  Podcast Instagram: Website: Facebook: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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