You Should be Delusional
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It's time to live in delusion, because why wouldn't you believe that you're the luckiest, smartest, hottest, most deserving girl in the world?? For real though, this week we're breaking down why we think delusion can be a good thing and how you can take on this mindset to benefit you, enjoy!! SHOP MERCH: The Impress Yourself Collection Girls with Goals Group Chat: Geneva  Follow AC on Instagram: @anncatherinconneen Follow Caroline on Instagram: @carolineconneen Follow AC on Tik Tok: @anncatherineconneen Follow Caroline on Tik Tok: @carolineconneen Use code GOALS at for 20% off Use code GOALS at for a 30-day free trial and 50% off your annual membership Download Drizzly at today Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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London and I don't get along. But I will be back a million times because I love visiting my friends, and honestly, getting rained on a million times was kind of refreshing. Talk to you next week for another episode of the Travel Diaries Mini Series!!!! Our Sponsors: * Check out Hero Bread:...
Published 09/29/23
Published 09/29/23