UK ambassador to Washington resigns after leak of memos critical of Trump
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Sir Kim Darroch had described the Trump administration as inept and dysfunctional. Mr Trump responded by saying he'd no longer deal with him. Also: seagulls in Australia are found to be carrying several antibiotic resistant superbugs, and Spanish language hits now dominate the most watched music video chart on YouTube.
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The five day pause in hostilities was announced after talks in Ankara between the Turkish president and the US Vice President, Mike Pence. Also: The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, says he's convinced the British parliament will back his new Brexit deal, and the ‘smart’ bracelet that the...
Published 10/17/19
A Brexit agreement has been drawn up - but it needs approval by UK's parliament. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged MPs to 'get this excellent deal over the line'. Also, US Vice President Mike Pence visits Ankara to urge halt to offensive against Syrian Kurds, and scientists discover the...
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129 Republicans voted with Democrats against Donald Trump's withdrawal of US forces. The president told reporters Syria wasn't America's problem. Also: artificial wombs, and the return of humpback whales.
Published 10/17/19