Nevermind The Bolero
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This week sees non-league football aficionado Russell Grant return to represent the Middlesex Commonwealth of teams alongside Bob Mills. Together they face celebrity chef and Arsenal fan Ainsley Harriott who’s with team captain Natalie Sawyer. In this edition we discover what football can learn from the opera, how Jurgen Klopp learnt English and why it pays to have a referee present when you’re dining with Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. Contains bonus material not included in the broadcast version of the show for the benefit of podcast listeners. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Charlie Baker hosts a west London derby as Fulham, in the shape of Dominic Frisby and Stephen Grant face Brentford who are represented by Jacob Hawley and Natalie Sawyer. In this edition we discover the quickest way to lose your job as a pitch side announcer, learn how lockdown behaviour could...
Published 05/18/20
Charlie Baker introduces an all midlands affair as Derby, in the shape of Mark Smith and Mark Dolan, face Villa who are represented by Perry Groves and Asher Gould. In this edition we learn how Arsenal were wrong footed by a young Alan Shearer, why football needs to return to the street and just...
Published 05/11/20
This week Charlie Baker presides over the biggest fixture currently taking place in sport - the Glory Hunters Final. Dougie Anderson and Wendy Wason are representing Hibs whilst Andrew Ryan and Terry Alderton are on the team sheet for Man Utd. For those expecting a tight, edgy affair think again...
Published 05/04/20