Yellowjackets Cinematography (with C Kim Miles ASC CSC)
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YELLOWJACKETS follows the wild journey of a high school soccer team after they become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash. Cinematographer C Kim Miles ASC CSC breaks down each of the series' spectacular visual looks. Kim and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss making creative changes after filming the pilot, choosing lenses based on storyline, the incredible value of a DIT, deconstructing your favorite scenes, and more! Subscribe Now! What you will learn in this episode Making creative changes after filming the pilot (03:24) Production of television vs feature films (08:20) Deconstructing the woods visual approach (14:16) Visual tricks to play on the subconscious (20:34) Approach to lighting exteriors (24:26) Adjusting lenses to affect visual approach (27:54) Visual approach to the 90s scenes (33:55) Lighting and shooting interior scenes (43:49) Choosing a lens based on plot (47:45) Deconstructing the episode 8 walk and talk scene (52:28) Value of having a DIT on set (58:14) Advice for aspiring cinematographers (01:07:37) And more! Go Creative Show is supported by: Filmmaker's Academy - Master Your Craft Use code GOCREATIVE10 for 10% off a membership   Subscribe + Follow Go Creative Show Twitter Facebook Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Podcasts iHeart Radio YouTube Show Links YELLOWJACKETS IMDb YELLOWJACKETS trailer Follow Our Guest C Kim Miles’ Instagram C Kim Miles’ IMDb Follow Ben Consoli BC Media Productions Twitter Instagram  Follow Connor Crosby (producer) Ignition Visuals' website Ignition Visuals' Instagram Follow Dave Siegel (sound mixer) Dave Siegel's website
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