Episode #75 - Davos and the Week That Changed Everything Part 1
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What is The Davos Crowd? And how did we get to this point in the story that they are driving the bulk of the headlines while trying to remake society in their image? I've been asked by many people to answer these questions while giving a nuanced look at how I view Davos, the Great Reset and why I'm so convinced this is most important and misunderstood angle on geopolitics today. And why, June 16th may have been a major inflection point in the history of humanity. Show Notes: Davos Wants to Kill Wall St. https://tomluongo.me/2021/05/15/coming-apotheosis-banks-notebook/ Davos is Coming for Bitcoin https://tomluongo.me/2021/04/19/bankers-are-coming-for-your-bitcoin/ Davos wants a Digital Future with Physical Guns https://tomluongo.me/2021/04/15/digital-yuan-expiration-of-money/
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