Episode #85 - A Short Take on Joe Biden's Call for Civil War
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Merging my love of Wallace Stevens with current events has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done personally, it satisfies my inner artist, pays tribute to one of the true geniuses of the 20th century and calls the hypocrisy and vandalism of Joe Biden's supposed presidency to the mat. Blog : http:www.tomluongo.me Twitter @TFL1728 Donate via BTC: 3GSkAe8PhENyMWQb7orjtnJK9VX8mMf7Zf BCH: qq9pvwq26d8fjfk0f6k5mmnn09vzkmeh3sffxd6ryt DCR: DsV2x4kJ4gWCPSpHmS4czbLz2fJNqms78oE LTC: MWWdCHbMmn1yuyMSZX55ENJnQo8DXCFg5k DASH: XjWQKXJuxYzaNV6WMC4zhuQ43uBw8mN4Va XMR: 48Whbhyg8TNXiNV2LNkjeuJJU55CNt5m1XDtP3jWZK2xf5GNsbU2ZwHLDJTQ5oTU3uaJPN8oQooRpSQ2CPMJvX8pVTqthmu
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The choice of who we are and what society we want to live in is now in front of us. Do we stand up and find our inner Ubermensch or do we allow terrible people like Keith Olbermann to define us as Untermenschen. It's your choice to get the shot. It's also your choice to defend the choice of...
Published 10/19/21
Short Takes are Audio versions of written articles published at www.tomluongo.me Show Notes: Tass - Russians reject Globalism https://tass.com/pressreview/1328927 Luongo - The Fed is Determined to Prove the QTM Right https://tomluongo.me/2020/08/03/fed-determined-to-prove-qtm-right/
Published 09/04/21
There is a lot more to the story of Afghanistan than meets the eye. This week Dexter K. White and I discuss the way that story mirrors the confusion and chaos which exists within the U.S. foreign policy apparatus. Those conflicting goals and agendas really define the scope of what failed in...
Published 08/31/21